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Go Fishing with the Top Boats & Crew for an Action Packed Day of sport fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica.

Everything you need to know about the exciting Quepos Costa Rica Fishing Experience.

Here you will find the Top Fishing Boats and Crew, for both inshore fishing and offshore fishing, or Deep Sea Fishing, as it is more commonly known. 

Various fishing charters provide different lengths of time on the water.  The offshore fishing or deep sea fishing provides options for a full day offshore, or a 3/4 day offshore. 

The inshore fishing offers a half day, a 3/4 day  and a full day inshore.

Book your spot on our fishing charters in Quepos, Costa Rica with the Top Producing Boats & Crew for an epic sport fishing experience wether to target bill fish in the offshore fishing tour or rooster fish for inshore fishing, we have it all and at affordable prices for large to small groups.

The most complete private fishing adventure out of Quepos, Costa Rica. Let us know what type of fish you are seeking to target and we will provide you with the Best Charter Option. 

quepos fishing
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Isaac Yiyo
Isaac Yiyo
Offshore fishing with the Reel In Crew! I have been fishing before in Costa Rica, this is my first time booking with Reel In Sport Fishing and they came through, 3 sailfish, 1 marlin and a couple of nice yellow fin tuna.
Diko Badilla
Diko Badilla
Having a captain with 20 years of experience made the difference for our deep-sea fishing trip in Costa Rica. I chartered the 36 Bertram for 2 days. Michael and his crew are excellent at their job. The boat cruised around 26 to 27 knots, got to the fishing grounds around 8:20 am and right away they pulled out the lines. Took us a few minutes of trolling but we finally found a good spot. I caught Sailfish and Dorado, I was very happy with the trip, and it was worth the money.
José Manuel Ledezma
José Manuel Ledezma
Amazing offshore adventure with Captain Merlin! Family of 4 fishing deep sea on the 31 ft Bertram, we absolutely recommend this crew, my brother has never fished before and the first mate helped him reel in a big sailfish.
Daniela Hernandez
Daniela Hernandez
Everything about our fishing charter was excellent, we even arranged for round trip transportation from our hotel. Since offshore was slow, the morning before, we got a call from the owner, and he recommended we do half day inshore. Ended up releasing 2 rooster fish and getting 4 nice red snappers. Very happy with our experience.
Rosario Salas
Rosario Salas
Not my first-time fishing in Quepos but I can say this has to be one of my top fishing experiences. I was going to book a regular offshore trip but then I spoke with the Owner and he suggested an overnight trip to the FADs as my goal was to catch a Marlin. We left the dock around 5 pm, spend the night and early morning fishing was on! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, snacks, everything was provided. If you are looking for Marlin Fishing, this is the way to go.
Jackelin Martinez Espinoza
Jackelin Martinez Espinoza
Took my family for a full day inshore, crew was fun to be around, love that the 36 ft boat had air conditioning, it can get pretty warm while fishing in Costa Rica. Boat had lots of drinks and the food was really tasty, it was prepared on the boat. We spent the morning fishing and the afternoon just having fun, cruising around and doing some snorkeling. We had a great time.
María Badilla Calderón
María Badilla Calderón
This fishing trip was easy to organize, I spoke with Mandel and he recommended I do a half day inshore on the 28 ft boat since my main goal was to target Roosterfish. I had a blast fighting 4 Roosterfish and I was lucky we got 1 Big Red Snapper, took that back to the hotel and I had the chef prepare it fried with some rice and avocado, all around this was top notch experience for me.
Ulises Quiros
Ulises Quiros
The 36 ft Bertram is a great fishing boat and captain Michael is one of the best captains I’ve fished with. Took me straight to the action and within the first 2 hours we were hooking a sailfish. First mate also spoke English which was good as I don’t speak any Spanish. They cooked up a Costa Rican meal, was very good. Rod and reels were in top condition. I’m planning my return trip and I will be in contact for my next charter. Pura Vida
Alyssa Brown
Alyssa Brown
We did a full day off shore fishing trip and had an absolutely blast! We caught 8 dorado, saw a sword fish and saw a hump back whale with it’s young. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience!
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Just a few short miles offshore, from Quepos, Big Billfish, such as Marlin and Sailfish, abound in some of the best fishing grounds on the planet. Quepos, Costa Rica is world famous for Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin and other Big Game Fish, as well as inshore species such as Rooster Fish and Snook.

The fishing in Quepos is good year around and it is a wonderful experience for both the avid and novice fisherman. The sport fishing Quepos, Costa Rica is one of the most recommended activities for anyone visiting this amazing paradise which has such a wide option of species to target.

Many people come from all over the world to have their own Quepos Fishing Adventures filled with long lasting memories.

We provide several boat options such as open boats, as well as Air Conditioned Luxury Yachts. No matter your needs, or your budget, we try to accommodate and to provide you with the experience of lifetime, on your Quepos Fishing Charter Adventure.

Our Quepos Fishing Report is constantly updating itself, in order to provide you with the latest information regarding what kinds of fish are being found in both the offshore and inshore fishing grounds of Quepos, Costa Rica.

Fishing Charter Options

The different fishing tours.

Full Day Offshore is from 7:00 a.m. departure time to 4:30 p.m. return time.

3/4 Day Offshore is from 7:00 a.m. departure time to 2:00 p.m. return time.

Half Day Inshore is from 7:00 a.m. departure time to 12:00 p,m. return time.

Full Day Inshore is from 7:00 a.m. departure time to 4:30 p.m.  return time.

Included in the fishing trip:

Food, Snacks, Drinks, and Fruits.

Fishing Equipment & Bate

Captain and First Mate.

Deep Sea Fishing Quepos Costa Rica

Quepos Offshore Fishing, or Deep Sea Fishing, is your best choice, if you want to catch Big Game Fish such as Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin, and Yellow Fin Tuna. Whether you reserve the Full Day Offshore, which is 8 hours, or the 3/4 day offshore, which gives you 6 hours on the water, either choice promises to provide a chance to experience the thrill of reeling in a truly Big Fish. An offshore trip will include food, drinks, snacks, and fruits so yo don’t have to worry about brining your own food and drinks. Depending on the boat you select, the departure will vary between the Marina Pez Vela or the Quepos Pier.  Before departing, you will need to purchase a fishing license which are sold at the Marina. For the deep sea fishing tour, we recommend that anglers bring long sleeve shirts and a hat. Book a fun and exciting day of deep sea fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica with us and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

quepos fishing

Quepos Inshore Fishing Trips

Quepos Inshore Fishing is a fun fishing charter for those anglers wanting to target the inshore species such as Rooster Fish, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel, Snook, Red Snapper and Grouper.   The inshore fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica is also a great fishing charter for families with young children.  The species found inshore are perfect for the young fishing enthusiast.  And there is nothing quite like the taste of delicious, really fresh caught fish.  Here are Quepos Fishing Charters Costa Rica, we provide you with the best boats to fish inshore whether for a half day trip or full day inshore charter.  The captains know these waters really well and will be able to take you where the inshore species are bitting and hopefully give you a productive day of fishing.  For some anglers, novice or avid, the Rooster Fish gives one of the most amazing fights.  Even though they are not enormous in size like a Marlin, the Rooster Fish do not give up to easily.

quepos inshore fishing

The fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica is also the place where the OWC Fishing Tournament is held.  Every year there are new Bill Fish records being set, which is a great testament to just how good the fishing is here.

Sailfishing Charters in Quepos Costa Rica

Quepos, Costa Rica has gained its famous reputation for being one of the best places in the world to target Sailfish.  The OWC Fishing Tournament which occurs once a year is held in Quepos. The Sailfish provide an exciting fight and a great picture to show all your friends and family.  Costa Rica takes pride in protecting the Sailfish and other Bill Fish Species.  When targeting Sailfish, you want to go with Captains and First Mates who know the waters and are experienced fishermen, which is what we provide for you here in Quepos Fishing Charters Costa Rica.  The distance to where the Sailfish are found can change during different months of the year.  A normal distance can range from 18 to 30 miles offshore.

quepos fishing

Our goal here at Quepos Fishing Charters Costa Rica is to provide you with only the best fishing boats and crews in Quepos, Costa Rica and to also provide excellent service, so you can experience your dream fishing charter.


Our company is Local. Every single one of our fishing experts live in Costa Rica and have fished before on each boat that is promoted in our website.  We work hard to provide customers with the lowest rate possible, whether they wish to book an open boat or a Luxury Yacht.

Requirements For All Fishing Boats

Quepos Fishing Charters Costa Rica has a criteria, which all fishing boats, whether open or luxury, must meet. Our high standards of quality and customer service, ensure that you have an amazing day of fishing with Quepos Fishing Charters Costa Rica. This high quality standard includes the following:

All  boats have an English Speaking Crew member, and a top Captain and First Mate, who can safely take care of you, at sea.

The boat provides plenty of beverages, snacks and food.

The boat must be fully equipped with state of the art fishing gear, well suited to the type of fishing you select.

A bilingual guide, who will be there to greet you, help you with your fishing license, and escort you to your boat and crew.  He will answer any questions that you may have and ensure that everything runs smoothly, and that you get aboard, so that you can start your fishing adventure on time.

Family Fishing Trips in Quepos Costa Rica

Planning a family fishing charter in Quepos, Costa Rica but are worried your kids wont be able to reel in the Big Game Fish that are found in the offshore fishing charter?


Good news!  The Quepos fishing Crew in all the various boats that we provide, offer a safe and fun experience for families with young fishing enthusiast.  The crew is there at all times during the charter, whether it be deep sea for Sailfish or inshore for Rooster Fish.  The Captain and First Mate will give brief explanations as a guide to make sure you have no problems while reeling in an Big Fish.  We have done many deep sea fishing charters with families while staying in Quepos, Costa Rica and all have enjoyed their successful day of offshore fishing.


Plan your family fishing charter with Quepos Fishing Charters Costa Rica.

quepos fishing charters

Some of the boats that we offer are located in the Quepos Pier, which is “El Muelle” in spanish while other fishing vessels are in the Marina Pez Vela.


Every fishing boat goes through monthly inspections.  We need to make sure the boats are running at optimal conditions.  For us here at Quepos Fishing Charters Costa Rica, is not just about having you catch a whole bunch of fish, but to offer the best service possible.  Some days the fishing can be slow while other times the bite can be extremely good and you can get to fight numerous fish.  So what happens when a day of fishing is slow? Well, this is when its important to have a top fishing crew that will offer you a fun time and a welcome feeling.  We can’t control the fishing, as no one can, but we can control the quality of our service and guarantee to our customers to expect a great all around service.


From the smallest detail to the biggest one, we care about it all.  Its your day of fishing and we want to make it the best time you’ve had out at sea.


quepos fishing
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