Bottom Fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica is the ideal fishing charter, if you are after Red Snapper and Grouper, as well as Rabbit Fish and Devil Fish. 

A bottom fishing charter is a lot of fun for both avid and novice fishermen.  It’s great for children, as well as adults, because these bottom fish species are relatively easy to reel in, compared to some of the enormous fish, found in the waters off Quepos, Costa Rica.

Bottom fishing is done within 15 to 17 miles offshore. 

There are several reefs, upon which these bottom fish  live, and fortunately they are just a short boat ride, from Quepos.

One of the things that makes bottom fishing for grouper and red snapper so appealing is that they are some of the best eating fish, anywhere.

Your Quepos Fishing crew will gladly clean and fillet your catch for you, so that you can take it back to your villa, or hotel and enjoy a delicious, fresh fish dinner.

It can’t get any fresher, and there is something special about being able to savor and share fresh fish, which you have caught.

Perhaps it’s the hunting, fishing instinct, we humans all share, or it could just be that the fish tastes so good, or maybe it’s the money you’ll save, by not having to take the family to a restaurant, for dinner.

Most hotels will gladly prepare your catch for you, if you’re not staying in a villa.

The bottom fishing charters at Quepos Fishing, are a 3/4 day excursion, which is 6 hours.

The best bait for bottom fishing is squid, and Quepos Fishing boats use squid, almost exclusively.

A heavy sinker is placed near the end of the line, which takes your baited hook all the way to the bottom.

Once you feel a little tug on your line, give it sharp pull, to set the hook, and start reeling in your fish. It’s fun and easy. Your crew will help you to get the hang of it, if you’re new to bottom fishing.

Included in the 3/4 bottom fishing charter is fresh fruits, snacks, and drinks.  The departure time is up to the customer to decide, but we do recommend that you shove off, from the dock, no later than 7:00 a.m.

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