Quepos Luxury Fishing Boats

Most people prefer a larger, more comfortable, air conditioned Luxury Yacht, for their Quepos Fishing adventure.

The Luxury Boats in the Quepos Fishing Fleet, are often not that much more expensive than an open boat, and because they are so much more spacious, they can accommodate more fishermen. When one factors in the shared expense, a Luxury Yacht can actually be less expensive, per person than the smaller boats.

Some people enjoy watching and photographing their shipmates catching fish, from the comfort of a shaded part of the boat, almost as much as they do the thrill of reeling in their own Big Fish. Then too, there is the opportunity to share the camaraderie of spending a day at sea with others, sharing the fun and excitement of this great outdoor adventure.

A Luxury Yacht provides all of the comfortable facilities, such as a clean bathroom with a shower, a spacious comfortable, shaded flybridge, which provides a great vantage point from which to view and photograph all of the thrilling action, and an air conditioned main salon, in which one can escape the heat and relax, after the adrenaline rush of catching a Big Fish. The food aboard the Luxury Yachts is usually of higher quality, and a delicious hot lunch is always more enjoyable, when seated at a table, in the comfort of a cool air conditioned main salon.


36 ft Bertram

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46 ft Custom

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45 ft Viking with Fighting Chair

42 ft Sportfisher

36 ft Cabo

60 ft Boomerang