Sailfish Fishing Charters Quepos Costa Rica

Going Sailfish Fishing in Quepos Costa Rica is going to be one of the best sport fishing charters you will ever do for targeting Sailfish.  Quepos, Costa Rica has a year around season for Sailfish and most of the reports are multiple released in a single day of fishing.  

You have the option of booing a Full Day Sailfish Charter or a 3/4 Day of targeting Sailfish in the offshore fishing grounds of Quepos, Costa Rica. 

If you have a lot of experience catching Sailfish or this is the first time you are going sailfish fishing, well we have you covered with our Elite Captains and Premier Fishing Boats, you are going to have the best experience fishing for sailfish in Quepos, Costa Rica.

Sailfish are found not far offshore 

The great thing about sailfish fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica is that you don`t have to go very far to find a group of Sailfish, normally we will go between 22 to 27 miles offshore which takes us roughly 1 hour to arrive at the Hot Spots for Sailfish. With our boats being able to do between 26 to 30 knots, we hurry to get you on the fishing for Sailfish as that is our goal when we take anglers on our boats. 

How do we find Sailfish? 

Well, when we are fishing for Sailfish in the offshore grounds of Quepos, Costa Rica, we will look for birds flying in the air as this indicates there is bate fish near by which also means that there is probably a group of Sailfish swimming around.  This gives us the signal that we should stay in this area and start to troll using the Ballyhoo which is the Bate we use to fish for Sailfish.