It is a shame that so many people visiting Quepos, Costa Rica, are virtually excluded from what is arguably Quepos’ #1 attraction. Oh sure, Quepos, is right on the edge of the popular National Park, but it is Big Game Sport Fishing that has always been the most unique and thrilling activity here. Those who already love fishing, and plan to fish in Quepos, come in a group, in order to share in the fun, and to make their Sport Fishing Adventure affordable. But what about the majority of visitors to Quepos, who travel as individual couples? They are typically open to trying all kinds of exciting new adventures, and would love to experience the thrill of reeling in a Big Fish, but the cost of chartering a boat for themselves is prohibitive, for most couples.

That is why a shared boat, with another couple, or two, is such a great idea. It’s a chance to share in the fun, meet new people, make friends and save lots of money. But how can you find shipmates, to share your fishing adventure? That is where we can help. Here at Fishing Quepos, Costa Rica, part of our mission is to help people, traveling alone, or as a couple, to have an equal opportunity to experience the thrill of Big Game Sport Fishing. What inspired us to organize shared boat charters, was seeing how thrilled and excited people are, who have never had the experience of catching a really Big Fish. They are the most appreciative of the experience, as it is something that they have never done. It’s a real adrenaline rush, especially that first time one catches a huge fish. We love to see the smiles on the faces, and genuine excitement of the novice angler, after reeling in that first Big Fish.


We here at Quepos Fishing provide shared boat, split charters designed specifically to accommodate those who want to try this exciting adventure, but don’t want to spend a fortune to do it. Quepos Fishing tries very hard to match up 2 or 3 couples, who are seeking to share a boat. We try to find the kind of boat that you and your shipmates desire, whether it be an air conditioned Luxury Yacht, or a smaller open boat, and arrange a split charter for you. A shared boat charter is the affordable solution for couples who desire to experience the thrill, while making new friends and saving money. Let us, here at Quepos Fishing help you to enjoy this great adventure.