Quepos Inshore Fishing Charters Costa Rica

Searching for a Guided Inshore Fishing Tour out of Quepos, Costa Rica? Well you have come to the right place. When booking an inshore charter you want to go with Experienced Captains who know the best places to go inshore as well as the most complete equipped boats. This is exactly what you get when you book with Quepos Fishing. Let us take you to the action packed spots in the inshore fishing grounds of Quepos, Costa Rica

Inshore fishing is different than offshore fishing, in several ways. Instead of trolling, with ballyhoo, up to 20 or 35 miles offshore, when inshore fishing, you’ll be quietly drifting 7 to 10 miles from shore, using live bait. You’ll get to your fishing grounds faster, affording you more time to catch fish. The species of fish, which you’ll be targeting inshore are also different.

Inshore fishing aboard one of the Quepos fishing charters, you have a great chance to catch Rooster Fish, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel and Snook.  Rooster Fish, or “Pez Gallo,” as it’s called in Spanish, is a particular favorite of fishermen, because of its tremendous fight. There is nothing like the taste of delicious, really fresh fish, and there are a couple of very tasty species found Inshore, such as Spanish Mackerel and Snook.

Included in the Inshore Trip

The half day and 3/4 day inshore provides refreshing, cold drinks, fresh tropical fruits and snacks. 

The full day inshore offers a complete lunch, as well as, fresh fruits, drinks and snacks.    

The typical time that it takes for a fishing boat in Quepos, Costa Rica to arrive at the inshore fishing grounds is between 20 to 30 minutes.

Almost all Quepos fishing charters offer three different options for Inshore fishing; the full day, 3/4 day and half day. The half day is perhaps the most common of the inshore fishing options. Because so little time is spent motoring out to the fishing grounds, there is more time to fish, and a half day is therefore sufficient for some fishermen to catch their fill of fish. Nevertheless, a longer charter always improves your chances of catching fish. That’s why Quepos Fishing charters gives you the choice. 


When you fish inshore in Quepos, Costa Rica you can expect it to be very warm, which is why a lot of people prefer a boat with A/C. It is true that a smaller boat, in the range of 26 to 33 ft.,  has a small advantage over the larger fishing boat, because it’s able to get closer to the river mouths. However,  when it comes to comfort, the larger, air conditioned boats, with spacious main salons and flybridges are hard to beat. Interestingly, the larger, more comfortable boats are priced very close to the smaller boats. That is because the main expense, which a boat operator incurs is the fuel cost, and all boats consume approximately the same amount of fuel. Whichever size boat you select, Quepos Fishing strives to provide you with a great day of inshore fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica.

quepos inshore fishing

The inshore fishing is a favorite among families with young children. The smaller species, typically found inshore, are fun and easy to reel in. There are few things as satisfying as watching your children, beaming with pride, after catching their first fish. These inshore species may not be as big as a huge marlin, or big sail fish, but to a child, these inshore fish are still pretty impressive, and kids have a great time holding them up for a photo, or video.

When you fish inshore, you will be using live bait, usually Palmetto. Live bait is a key factor in having a successful day of inshore fishing.  Quepos Fishing relies upon several sources, which specialize in obtaining Palmetto, but as is the case with all fishing, they are not always successful. Therefore, no boat can guarantee Palmetto. When Palmetto is not available, your fishing boat will fish for Sardines, which are a good alternative live bait, before you head over to your inshore fishing grounds. 

Inshore fishing near Quepos, Costa Rica can be every bit as thrilling as the offshore fishing. It is inshore that fishermen catch rooster fish, or “Pez Gallo,” as they are know here in Costa Rica. They may not be quite as spectacular as the sailfish, but they put up one hell of a fight. Pound for pound, rooster fish probably fight harder than the billfish, and are a real challenge and great fun to catch. Many anglers prefer Quepos inshore fishing, just for the rooster fish. Not that there aren’t many other species which abound in the waters inshore near Quepos. Mackerel,  jack fish and snapper are frequently caught inshore, as well. One of the most attractive aspects of Quepos inshore fishing charters is that many of these species are found so close inshore, that you can start fishing almost as soon as the boat gets underway, and inshore fishing requires less fuel expense, therefore saving you money. Few places offer such great fishing, so close in shore, as Quepos, Costa Rica. It’s no wonder that Quepos, Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations for avid fishermen, seeking an inshore fishing adventure.