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Offshore fishing, in Quepos, Costa Rica, is not nearly as far offshore as it is in most other places. which means that you have less time getting there, and more time fishing. The deep sea fishing grounds of Quepos, Costa Rica are just an average of 23 to 32 miles offshore. Exactly where the fish are biting, changes from day to day, so its important that the Captain is constantly informed and knows where Big Game Fish Species like Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna, have been biting. 

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All of these offshore species provide a ton of fight and plenty of adrenaline rush for any avid fisherman, and a special thrill for the novice fisherman, catching his first really big fish.

The time that it takes fishing boats from Quepos to arrive at the deep sea fishing grounds can vary between an hour to an hour and thirty minutes.  All the offshore fishing boats in Quepos, Costa Rica use Balihoo as the primary bait when fishing offshore. The bait is not live, which is why the boats troll, in order to make it appear to the offshore species, as if it is.

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This exciting activity is very popular among adults, but it should be mentioned that its also a great excursion for kids. The help provided by the Expert captains and first mates, help people, of all ages, catch their Big Game Fish.

The length of time of Offshore fishing excursions varies. The most popular option is the full day, which is approximately 8 hours, from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. There is also the 3/4 day offshore, which departs at the same time and goes to the same deep sea fishing grounds, but is a 6 hour charter.   

quepos offshore fishing charters

All boats depart from the Marina Pez Vela, located in downtown Quepos, Costa Rica. You will greeted at the Marina by a local fishing expert, who will ensure that you obtain your $15 fishing license, and escort you to the fishing boat, where your crew awaits your arrival, eager to provide you with an exciting day of Deep Sea Fishing. 

Quepos, Costa Rica has a well deserved reputation for its amazing offshore fishing, and we know that customers consequently have very high expectations. They’ve heard lots of incredible fishing stories, and seen the pictures, from this fishing paradise. However, it is important to understand that no fishing company can guarantee that you will catch fish. What we can guarantee is that we will do our best to put you on a great fishing boat with an expert fishing crew, which gives you the best chance for an exciting day of deep sea fishing, in beautiful Quepos, Costa Rica.

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Fishing does require patience. The full day offshore is the most popular and highly recommended charter for deep sea fishing, because some days the fish are biting in the morning, and some days, in the afternoon. It’s just a matter of staying positive and letting the captain and first mate do their job of putting you onto some impressive offshore fish.

Every year, Quepos holds the OWC Fishing Tournament, where fishing crews from all over the world come to this small, but world renown place for deep sea fishing. Each year seems to break the previous record for most Bill Fish released in one day. 

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Every fishing boat is required to have the proper fishing rods and reels for offshore fishing.  Most of these reels are 30s and 50s.  The brand name may vary on each boat, but once thing is certain, all our recommended Quepos fishing boats must have this kind of fishing gear. 

All the boats we recommend at Quepos Fishing, for offshore fishing, are equipped with outriggers, which provide a great advantage when trolling for big game species. The outriggers enable the captain and mates to have more lines in the water, increasing your chances of catching that prized  big fish.

You may want to consider arranging to have your fish mounted. We provide information about how to get your own trophy, to proudly display, as proof of your Big Catch.

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Quepos offshore fishing is some of the best in the world, especially for billfish. Fishermen are astounded at the numbers of sail fish and marlin, which are routinely raised in the waters offshore from Quepos, Costa Rica.

Although the billfish are found offshore, they are often found within 23 to 32 miles offshore, so while technically it is offshore fishing, it’s close enough to not require a long boat ride, just to get to where the fish are. That means more time fishing and less time getting there. The other huge advantage to offshore fishing, which isn’t that far offshore, is that boats don’t burn nearly as much fuel, as is usually required for deep sea fishing. That in turn means that the Quepos offshore fishing charter companies spend less money getting to the fish, and they pass that savings on to you, the client. After all, fuel costs are the single biggest expense of a day of offshore fishing. What could be better than getting to the fish quickly, and saving money, at the same time? That’s why Quepos offshore fishing is so popular, and attracts fishermen from all over the world.

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