When are you coming to Quepos, Costa Rica?

What kind of fish are you after?

Those are the two most important questions to ask yourself, in order to plan your Sport Fishing Adventure in Quepos, Costa Rica.

Here are the facts, which you’ll need, to help you decide:

1) The Fishing is good year around in Quepos, but better for certain species, at different times of the year.

Most of the activities in Quepos are greatly affected by the seasons. There are really just two seasons here; Rainy and Dry.

Few activities are much fun, or even tolerable in the rain. When it’s raining, trekking around in the jungle, on the wet slippery ground, isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. It’s too hot and humid to be wearing rain gear, but you can’t very well hike around shirtless and in shorts, with all of the insects. That’s not my idea of a vacation. It’s great during the “Dry Season,” but during the “Rainy Season,” not so much.

By contrast, reeling in a fish, even if it happens to be raining at the time, is just as much fun, and can actually be pretty refreshing.

Just sit there in your bathing suit, and let the water cool you off, as you fight that Big Fish. After the adrenaline rush of catching a huge fish wears off, you can simply go inside the boat’s interior, dry off and relax. And as for the fish? The rain doesn’t seem to both them a bit. Hey, they live in the ocean!!! Hello!

So, just what kind of fishing is best, and where, at the various times of the year?

Here is a chart which we hope will provide a guide to help answer those questions:

quepos fishing season