Marlin Fishing Charters in Quepos Costa Rica 

Marlin Fishing in the waters of Quepos, Costa Rica gives you access to some of the most premier marlin fishing around the world, as Costa Rica is famous for its outstanding Marlin Fishing wether for Black Marlin, Stripped Marlin and Blue Marlin which are all found in the offshore fishing grounds of Quepos, Costa Rica


Here at Quepos Fishing Charters Costa Rica, we put you on our most equipped boats to go Marlin Fishing and with the Premier and Most Experienced Captains in Quepos, Costa Rica.

Ever heard of a Grand Slam day of offshore fishing? Well, that is when an angler catches the 3 types of Marlin which we named in the previous paragraph.  Quepos, Costa Rica is perhaps one of the best places around the World to achieve this amazing accomplishment called Grand Slam.

It does help that the waters of Quepos, Costa Rica have such an enormous abundance of Marlin but at the end of the day, it is the boat with the best Captain & Crew that released the most Marlin in a single day of fishing offshore.   

The Technique For Marlin Fishing in Costa Rica

Black Marlin can be found in the offshore reefs of Costa Rica and can weigh anywhere from 300 pounds to 800 pounds. The most effective way of catching Black Marlin is to slow trolled Bonito which is Live Bait in roughly 150 to 350 feet of water very near the offshore reefs of Costa Rica.

The best time of the year to fish for Marlin in Quepos, Costa Rica is between the months of November though March,  but the Marlin can be found throughout the entire year of fishing in Costa Rica.

If you are interested in only targeting Blue Marlin, I would recommend you take a look at fad fishing in Quepos Costa Rica 

Fishing for Blue & Stripped Marlin is a little different to the one we use to target Black Marlin.  For Blue & Stripped Marlin we go out in the deeper offshore fishing waters of Costa Rica and we use mainly Ballyhoos, Bait, and Trolled Lures. This is the technique that our captains use to get anglers on the most action for Blue & Stripped Marlin while fishing offshore in Quepos, Costa Rica.