Open Cabin Boats Quepos Costa Rica

While it may seem that everyone would prefer a Luxury Yacht, to an open boat, that is not always the case. So, just what advantages might an open boat provide? Well, they are obviously a little less expensive, although not as much as you might guess, as they still have high fuel cost, which is the biggest expense of a fishing charter. The slightly lower cost, affords people who prefer to fish alone, an opportunity to charter a boat, by themselves. One might ask; why someone would prefer not to share a boat with anyone. Well, some fishing enthusiasts are so passionate about catching fish, that they would happily spend the whole day reeling in one fish, after another. For those with lots of energy and stamina, and don’t mind being out in the sun all day, catching fish, a small boat can be a good choice.

26 ft Custom

31 ft Bertram

31 ft Bertram

31 ft Gamefisher

28 ft custom

32 ft Luhurs