Travel Options in Quepos, Costa Rica

Renta a Car:  We work with Budget Rent a Car here in Quepos, Costa Rica.  They offer a wide variety of vehicles to best suite your needs and their prices are very reasonable.  Renting a car in Quepos, Costa Rica is a good option if you are planning on having a nature seeking vacation. Have with you some type of device with internet service so you can use the GPS which will help you while driving in the Costa Rican roads.


Flights with Nature Air:   Nature Air provides cheap flights to any place in Costa Rica.  It is the fastest travel options.  When you arrive to San Jose Airport, you may book a quick flight with Nature Air to any of the 7 provinces of Costa Rica.  This option will save you a lot of time during your vacation here in Costa Rica.  You are allowed a baggage and a carry on.


Van Transportation Services:  If you don’t want to drive, you may use our van services.  We will pick you up anywhere in Costa Rica and take you to your destination.  This option is very popular amongst travelers as they don’t have to worry about getting lost while driving which happens quite often as our roads here in Costa Rica are not marked with street names and a number as you would find in other countries.


Buses: With the improvement of the roads, buses are now able to drive all over Costa Rica.  We can assist you with information on the time departures and routes of the buses in Costa Rica.  This is the most affordable travel option.